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Why use a habit tracker?

There is a simple answer... it makes goals reachable.

Habit trackers work in a simple way where any habit you are trying to either start, get rid off or even just keeping track of tasks can be less overwhelming.

Habit trackers make it easy and fun to keep up with goals you are trying to reach no matter what they are.

It also helps people like myself who love seeing visual progress by having a tracker in front of them to work with. We love to see visual proof of our hardwork and let me add that every victory should be celebrated no matter how small you think your goal is.

Goals can be very overwhelming and trackers like the one I will be sharing with you can help break down those goals in small amounts in day-to-day bits.

Habit trackers are user friendly and encourage you to stay motivated, keep yourself accountable and consistent.

If you are just starting to track your habits to either end bad habits or start lifestyle changing ones start with one habit first. Remember, this is all to keep things attainable and simple... do not pile on habits just to track them. That can be harmful and overwhelming.

You can start with simple things like: taking a daily walk, making your bed each morning, cutting down on your online shopping, reading pages of a current book, enjoying time outdoors, drinking more water, keeping track of your mood... you can really track anything you want!

I decided to create habit trackers for myself and also to share with you. I know how beneficial they can be and I love reaching my goals using a tracker.

My new Bloom with Grace tracker is perfect to get you started. Color the flowers every day you get something done. Use the tracker for whatever goal you have in mind.

I hope you find it relaxing to color the flowers as you go along and see all the progress you will be making in your favorite colors.

Bloomwithgrace tracker
Download PDF • 450KB

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