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Gifts for the book lovers in your life

Gift giving can be tough. Not everyone loves shopping for gifts and at times it is difficult to get the right presents for the people around you.

If you have people in your life that enjoy reading but have no clue on what to gift them besides books, here are some great ideas on a budget to make their day.


As a reader, I personally enjoy choosing my next reads. I enjoy different book genres and like to change authors up. I would find it hard for others to shop for books I could read because unless you know which books make up the at home library or which are on my amazon shopping cart waiting to be purchased, well…that would be a tough one. Even gifting other readers can be tough at times.


Here are some items I have curated just for you to gift your book worm friends or to shop for yourself because you simply can.

These are all under $20 which is great to keep you within a budget (more so, if you are shopping during the holidays).

1. A reading light. I really like this one. It comes in different colors and has different light settings and brightness. It is also rechargeable and easy to take everywhere.

2. A reading journal and planner. Love this great way to track the books you read. From writing notes about the books you are reading, to creating a reading bucket list.

3. Novelty socks! Because, if you are not reading while wearing comfy socks…are you even reading?

Funny novelty socks can be a great and fun gift for a reader friend or family member.

4. Personalize stamps are a perfect way to show a book worm that their collection of books is indeed precious and keeping personalized adds to the magic.

5. The floral book page holders can bring comfort to all readers. Made of resin and perfect to take on the go with your books.

These are gifts that people can use as they enjoy reading.


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