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We tried it: The Frida Paci Weaning system.

Unlike our 1st child, our son was all about the paci right away.

As soon as he was born he loved it and we thought this was going to be our "pick our poison" moment haha.

We said: "well we can wean him off it at some point" and we decided that as his 2nd birthday approaches it was now or never.

We thought we could try going cold turkey about it but instead we wanted to try the Frida Paci Weaning System to see if it was something that would work for our child.

If you have not seen it in stores or online the Frida Paci weaning systems comes with 5 paci steps. Each paci comes with a recommended usage. For example: Step 1 paci is used for 1-2 days, day and night time.

Every step has different intructions to follow.

The whole point behind the system is to reduce the sucking satisfaction the paci offers.

FYI: Something we did not notice is that in their instructions the label mentions that the system works best for children under 12 months.

However here is what happened in our experience:

  1. Step 1: We started step 1 which looks like a regular paci except for a small opening on the paci's tip. Our son noticed the difference. He grabbed it to try it out then was like "WTH". He tried it a couple times, would take it off but continued to use it. This step went on for 1-2 days, and he did use it at night as well. Treat it as a regular paci.

  2. Step 2: Use the paci any time as your child wants it for 1-2 days; day and night. With step 2 our son noticed a bigger difference and was not to fond of it. This was the toughest day in the sense of not giving in to using his regular paci to soothe him. More so during the night when he woke up crying. He had a bit of a cold and was hating step 2 paci but we wanted to stick to it.

  3. Step 3: Should only be given for sleeping times and only if your child asks for it. This is where the real break- up begins. Step 3 has a bigger opening and our child will really tell the difference. Our son did not ask for it much by step 3 and when he did he would try it and spit it out then he would forget about it. Use it for 1-2 days.

  4. Step 4: Is only offered at sleep time. Do not give in to using it during the day. This step was not bad in our experience. He was not asking for the paci even when he fuzzed. He would start using it to fall asleep but then would spit it out. 1-2 days.

  5. Step 5: Last step! This step is only used if absolutely necessary. We did not have to use it. It has been more than a week and our son has not asked about the paci. He is over it and so are we. We have learned to not mention the paci as well. If he cries or is fuzzy we do not go get a paci like before. We play or put him down for a nap or he just stops on his own.

It has now been over 2 weeks and our son has not asked for the paci. Usually that would be the 1st thing he asked for when he fuzzed or started crying but has not since we tried step 4.

I am happy with our experience and of course I understand that this might not be the outcome for all families using the weaning system but I wanted to document our experience to see if it would work.

Here is the link in case you want to look at the product on their site.

Hopefully if you decide to try this it works for your child and it is a smooth process.

Let me know if it works for you!

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