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Upcycle halloween cards DIY

Halloween is almost here and if you have been receiving boo mail or getting boo'd by your neighbors then the greeting cards are starting to pile up with nowhere to go.

Some greeting cards are too lovely to throw away (at least that is how I feel). Our kids get super pretty ones from family and friends and it is too sad to get rid of them. Our kids are too young so keeping them its not a good thing for us and i do not enjoy clutter so upcycling them is a way better idea.

Best thing is that you do not need to be crafty and only need a few materials which you probably have at home already. Scissors, glue, twine rope, hole puncher.

These are some of my favorite ideas to upcycle greeting cards to use next year!

1. Use greeting card designs on plain brown paper gift bags or goodie bags. These work perfect if you are booing a neighbor, passing out goodies bags for a holiday party or simply adding decor to plain bags.

2. Cut greeting cards into gift tags. These are great for all ocassions. Get a ruler and make rectangles on the greeting cards then punch a hole and tie to your gift bags, presents or goodie bags.

3. Create super cute cardstock garlands! These make super cute decorating pieces. Cut the cards in triangles or shapes you like then punch holes and string them along.

These are easy to make and the kids can even help you make these for a fun day of crafts.

Hope you can upcycle yours throughout the upcoming holidays!


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