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Unicorn day

Happy Unicorn day!

We love any reason to celebrate even more so if it is for Unicorns! 🦄

Keeping our little ones entertained is not always an easy task. Toddlers are a handful!

Need something to keep them busy for a bit today while you work on that huge to do list you have been procrastinating on or even some time to finally drink that coffee you forgot about this morning?

Or if you are like me & love coloring spend time with them; color with them!

I got you momma!

Our craft for Unicorn day is Unicorn masks!

Found a super cute, easy & free printable at

Have them color their mask and let you know when it is ready to cut and tie. Once they are done coloring cut the eyes out and make tiny holes on each side. Use yarn, rope, ribbon...anything you might have handy to tie it up!

They can wear it all day while playing!

Hope they love it as much as we did! Show us your mask! Share it on the page!!!

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