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Two Wild; Birthday theme

We recently celebrated our son's birthday with a "Two Wild" themed birthday party.

I wanted to keep it simple and have one main area fully decorated so I decided to have a themed wall space with a decorated table.

Many of the items I used to decorate the party were purchased online or locally at stores you can find mostly everywhere. I wanted to make the décor pop with out over spending on just decorations. I truly wanted the party to be about my son enjoying the day but also have a wonderful set up.

It is true when they say that throwing a party and going overboard with preparations is for the parents...because my two year old does not care if he gets one balloon or fifty. It is all for me.

No shame in admitting that. Also, the fact that some of us truly enjoy decorating and also learning new things. Side note about this party...these past months it has all been about parties of all kinds in our life. From baby showers to birthday parties and I have been learning a lot from friends who love to throw a great bash that is why I wanted to have a small party for my sons birthday.

Anyway, here is what you stopped by for... I have links for all the items and pieces I used for his celebration. I posted the photo below to social media and I had a lot of questions about where I got different items from so I said why not share.

The Balloon garland and Two Wild gold balloons I got from Amazon. It all came together along with the Monstera leaves that you can see on the balloons. I ordered extra leaves for the vase on the back of the table. I used some for the vase and some were spread on the table.

The table cloth, sloth balloon and matching plates and napkins (not shown) were purchased from Target. Their Jungle print décor is super cute and completely affordable.

The background curtain was also purchased from Target. For this small wall, 2 of them were used to cover the area.

The cupcake stand and animals on the table were purchased at party city. We had a small party so the cupcake stand worked great however if you are having a larger party you might want to get a bigger more sturdy stand. The toy animals are also great party favors, add them to the goodie bags!

The goodie bags I DIY'd myself and were pretty simple to make. Lots of places sell paper bags and I stenciled the Monstera leaves in the front. Very simple and easy. I feel like kids under 5 do not care about the outside of the bags anyway... it is all about the party favors which I always rather spend more money on than the actual goodie bag. That's just how I feel about it.

I hope you get to check the links out and see if you will be using this theme or something similar for your next party. It was fun to work with all the decorations and see what would go best for the ideas I had in mind. I had help from a friend with the garland and I am still learning from her on how to perfect them so that one day I can do it on my own.


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