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Tried it! VS period panties.

Before you close this link without reading about my experience know that I have been there, hesitant to try something new that might be life changing due to the unknown.

What better way then learning about a product than through real-life people that have used it, right? I mean, we buy so many things through links and ads without even knowing if they work but when it comes to our bodies and products for women's health we turn around and pretend we did not see it.

If you have been following my blog then you know a while back I wrote about my experience in using the Saalt period cup. It was a huge change for me after years of using tampons and pads. After many conversations with close friends and professionals my thoughts on using a cup during my cycle went from just thoughts to a reality.

It now has been over a year since I started using Saalt products and there is no going back. I truly love using my cup and it has truly made a change in how I feel during aunt flo visits and my overall look into my period. I feel way more empowered to talk about it and that's why I am using this platform to spread the word. I had already ditched tampons and regular pads and switched to using re-usable and more eco-friendly options however I wanted to skip it all together and try period panties.

Period panties are not a new item but they are still new to many women all over. For me it was all about feeling comfortable without leaking through them while out, more so when you have kids and are constantly on the go. I looked into period panties and lordyyy I felt so overwhelmed with all the brands and styles and also making the commitment to spend over $40 on one pair. Let's be's quite the investment up front.

Well, recently Victoria's Secret came out with a line of period panties you could purchase online and were only about $16 so after much debate (in my head) I went for it, added to my cart a couple of styles and different cute colors and bam! done!

They shipped in less than a week and I was so happy about getting them in time for my period. (You can ask my husband, I talked about it a lot) haha

The panties come in 3 styles: shortie, hipster and thong, different colors and 3 levels of absorbency; light days, moderate flow and heavy days. They offer leak protection, made of breathable material and of course save you money on buying other products.

After using them during my periods I truly loved wearing them and had zero problems. I know every body is different, periods range for everybody and of course this is just my experience however they are a winner in my book. These are made to be the 1st line of defense on light and moderate days and back up on heavier days, if you have your cup; use it on your heavy days along with your period panties for protection.

Now all the money saved can go to snacks and all the cravings I get during my cycle haha

But seriously, look after your own body, stop using products that might not be as beneficial, embrace your flow, leave all embarrassment a side and be vocal about it. We need to stop treating periods as taboo. It is something totally normal, happens to many and it is time to ditch the old feelings about it.

Here are the links for the brands I mentioned and no, I do not get anything for sharing; I am just sharing what worked for me!


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