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To the moms...

Another Mother's day has come and gone... and as much as I love those once a year Facebook posts on how much you love motherhood and how much you appreciate the one who gave you life let's not forget about the mothers who know a little too much about struggles and sadness.

To the moms who are sitting at home right now while their spouse is deployed while they try to plan their week ahead. School drop-offs, work, sports, fundraisers, piles of laundry, meal prepping, cleaning the house, doctor appointments, keeping accounts balanced, mowing the lawn, dealing with emergencies, missing out on seeing friends because life is hectic, raising babies, emotional rollercoasters, the ups and downs of doing everything on their own.... I see you momma and you are not alone! You are a strong momma and your spouse's Military career is what it is because of your hard work!

To the moms who are currently deployed, while their kids and spouse are home. The mom's sitting at a USO in a combat zone right now trying to reach home to wish their little ones a good night. The ones working long hours while sirens blast in the distance to seek cover. The ones with dusty uniforms and dirty boots who are sacrificing their time at home for love of country. I see you momma, thank you for your amazing service! We salute you!

To the moms who are struggling with depression, the ones battling their demons. You are enough, your family needs you! You are brave and strong and seeking help is very courageous.

Acknowledging your struggle can be very intense but it is the very first step to getting the help you need. I see you momma, you got this and you are incredibly strong!

To the moms who have lost a child. The ones trying to fill a very unfillable void. The ones crying themselves to sleep because life is just too hard without their babies. The ones who ask God for strength every day to keep going. I see you momma, I know you feel broken and your days feel too dark but you will rise again!

To the moms who open their hearts to a foster child, the ones trying to adopt and the ones who are step mothers...your unconditional love is grand. There are challenges but your fierce faith will get you through and you will overcome the obstacles in your way. I see you momma, you will raised those kids to be your own and they will love you unconditionally.

To the moms raising children with disabilities. How amazing is to be loved so unconditionally? There will be tough days but to your child you are their whole world. They need you as much as you need them. Your daily devotion to their needs and welfare is amazing. I see you momma, you are their world, remember that even on your hardest days.

And too all the moms who know struggle to well. The ones who have sat at home too many times crying, trying to figure out how will they take on the next day...

As tough as it is and as tough as it can get, the sun will shine like every morning you wake up. Every day is a new beginning and you are stronger every day because of the obstacles that you are facing! God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers! He knows you will rise and & overcome!

- Momma & Sprouts


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