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To the Military Spouse who can't share

In the Military spouse community everyone constantly shares the ups and downs of Military life however there is a small group of Military spouses who you will not hear from often when it comes to their Service Member's Military career and their part in their specific branch.

To the ones who have to follow more detailed OPSEC rules than others... I see you and I am here for you. While others announce homecomings, TDY orders and new Commands they will be part of, you sit there and try your best to not share any compromising information in a world where everything and anything can compromise the mission.

For the every day question of "how was your day?" to where the simple reply will be no more than a one or two word answer that follows with a "you know I can't say"... I understand.

And for the years that follow and the friendships you make where people will ask questions and you will hold back from letting even the tiniest and simplest of information be known because you just don't know and even if you knew you cannot share.

It is somewhat of a lonely world, a lifestyle that everyone can be so proud of at times yet the work will go unnoticed for many due to the restrictions that come with the job. And that includes the Military families standing behind their service member and supporting the mission even when everything is part of the unknown. The secrets behind supporting the troops and the quiet life you will lead not knowing what is happening or what is to come can be scary more so when you are not allowed to talk about it.

The challenge at hand and the extreme caution and self control is completely underrated and for that I want to say thank you. Not many will know and understand what you go through daily even more so when your significant other is away and you cannot speak on it or vent at times.

You are truly amazing for holding it down and understanding what is asked from you as a family member.

You completely and selflessly understood the mission.


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