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Things to plan in advance before you move

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you are planning to move to another home being prepared can save you time and money. It can also help you stay on track and not overwhelmed with every single thing to do.

To be honest, moving can be very stressful and that is why this blog is here to help you out.

Doing your research can help you stay organized through your move even if you are moving a couple miles away or across the country.

Here are some things you should plan in advance once you know that moving is something that will happen:

1. Check out the moving companies in your area, read reviews, contact them with any questions you might have and schedule their services with at least 6 weeks in advance. Knowing your options, receiving moving quotes and knowing about any extra fees can help you budget as well.

Companies like Big Deahl’s Movers will take care of all your moving needs and offer different services from packing to assembling. Located in Rancho Cucamonga California, these pool table movers experienced team will help you with all your moving needs.

Also, their reliable safe moving services for all your valuables is a must have. Ensuring that all your priced possessions are guarded and moved safely is their priority.

2. De-clutter. Take time to de-clutter your home and sell or donate any items you will not be taking with you. Use social media platforms like Marketplace or reach out to friends who might need certain things. You can also set up a yard sale if you have time, any left overs can be donated.

3. Set up your utility services at your new address and schedule shutting off the ones you have. Have them turn off utilities the day after your move and turn them on a couple days before your move-in day.

4. Request quotes from a home cleaning service before you move to make you sure you arrive to a clean home, don’t add cleaning your new place to your list; you will have plenty of other things to deal with. If you are currently renting you can also schedule a move out cleaning to save you time.

5. Don’t forget your change of address! Make a list of all services and institutions you have accounts with and receive mail from and start changing the address. Do this at least 2 weeks in advance so you do not have any problems of lost mail once you move.

6. If you are moving across the country requesting prescriptions for medications you use daily can be very helpful. Fill out or update prescriptions before you move.

7. If you have little ones have someone there to help you during your move out or move in day if you can. Have family help, a neighbor you trust or hire a babysitter to keep them occupied while you work on the move. You can search for local parenting groups online to help you search for a babysitter in the area.

8. Keep a tote bag or small bin with readily accessible kids’ toys, coloring books, wipes, snacks, tablets or other times to keep kids busy while on the road. If they have tablets make sure you download movies or games they love ahead of time. Also, having apps that do not require Wi-Fi to be used can be very helpful if going cross country.

9. Once you know where you will be moving to you should ask your medical provider for referrals in the new area you will be living at. We all know that finding a medical team can be tough but having those referrals ahead of time can be time saving.

10. Are you moving with pets? Don’t forget about your pet’s medical records. Every city might have different regulations on pet vaccines, make sure you request these before your move and look for a new veterinarian where you are moving.

These all might seem simple however once moving month comes, we all tend to get overwhelmed with the number of tasks on hand. Having a list of the many things to do can make it easier to remember and not skip out on anything important. Once you arrive to your new destination and are settled in do not forget to enjoy your new community, neighborhood, city, state or country. There is so much out there to enjoy and see and of course many new friendships to be made.

Moving is a big ordeal and I am sure you will tackle your next move in the best way possible! Good Luck!

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