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The day Will Smith saved us from the Aliens...

4th of July this year will sure be different. With so many restrictions still in place celebrating with a bbq and fireworks while surrounded by your friends and family is all out the window.

In some places no groups of more than 10 people are allowed and as the long weekend gets closer you find yourself wondering who to invite to cut the number down to 10... just kidding. I know for sure you will break the rules haha

If you are not a rule breaker and since your heart is now broken due to not being able to yell " 'MERICA" while fireworks light up the sky then maybe staying at home with close ones and taking it easy will be your new way to celebrate our Independence this year.

No worries, I got! You will not have to move your butt off the couch until the ribs are done and apple pie is baked!

Here are my Top 10 must watch movies on 4th of July!

1. Your New freebie this weekend will be Hamilton on Disney+, this Broadway musical will sure keep you going!

2. What about the day Will Smith saved us from the Aliens?

Yes, Independence Day is a must watch! You get to watch Will Smith being awesome and the Capitol building go up in that not enough?

3. Fly boys, aviators & Tom Cruise! Next is Top Gun!

4. If you are all about adventure, treasures and secrets hidden by the government then National Treasure will be a fun watch. Nothing like Nicholas Cage running away from bad guys while holding a map haha (remember there is a sequel).

5. If you want a great throwback then Glory is where it's at! Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are amazing and the movie follows the story of the Union army's first African-American regiment

6. If you are looking for something a bit more family friendly...who doesn't love The Sandlot.

All about baseball, bbqs and summer!

7. "Life is like a box of chocolates".... well yes it is Forrest!

Forrest Gump is a great movie to watch this long weekend.

8. Summer is here and so are the sharks!

Scare the kids a bit and play Jaws. Just kidding! still a great movie to bring on summer days. Just the soundtrack gets you going!

9. Calling all Marvel fans!

Check out Cpt Steve Rodgers and his sweet transformation from scrawny to Captain America!

10.The Patriot is a must watch! If you have never seen this then shame on you!

Based on the Revolutionary war this movie give you all sorts of feelings and emotions!

Hope you enjoy some of these movies 4th of July weekend!

Do you have a favorite one?


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