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Sub life, Sub wife


I decided to make my 1st blog post be about the reason why we are currently living in beautiful Hawaii.

As a military spouse I get to travel along side my husband wherever the military sends him to live. We truly got lucky to get the go on Hawaii however for his line of work this does not always mean paradise.

We have been in Hawaii for over 2 years and I love every bit of island life except the long good byes we have to endure. As a military spouse who is also a veteran I truly believe my previous military lifestyle has allowed me to take on being a Submariner's spouse pretty well. Thank you Army!

I understand what is like to pack my bags and say "see you later", even though we hate the feeling we know mission comes first and as a spouse I completely understand how it must feel for him to say "see you later" to us.


Many people think they understand what it is like to be a Submariner's spouse but trust me they have no idea. I get many other spouses telling me they know how I feel because their Soldier or Airman goes away on drill or deployment for periods of time and the first thing I always ask is how often they are able to talk to them while they are away. I get everything from "every night on Skype" or "he calls every weekend"... yes, well not everybody is so lucky. They don't call it the Silent Service for nothing.

Once we say our good byes we truly do not know when will be the next time we hear from our Submarines. There are no phone calls unless they get to their destination which changes all the time. There are no e-mails because security comes first. We just wait! And that is truly the hardest part...the unknown!

Don't get me wrong, I know what I signed up for when I said I DO. From the beginning we knew life would be at times tough and I would be raising children on my own for months at a time. But even with all the apart we also make the best of every single moment he is home. We never take our days for granted and we show our love always. We live our days to make wonderful memories to hold on to.

Next time you meet a Submariner's spouse just buy them a drink, ask them how they are holding up, offer to babysit and understand that not everybody who is affiliated to the military goes through the same experiences. Submarine Spouses are the most courageous, fierce and most of all resilient spouses I have ever met and we jus roll with the mission as it comes our way!

Welcome Home 2018

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