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Staycation with kids : the things we can control.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It had been a year since the last time we had a family getaway. Of course due to Military life and Covid for us a getaway means a staycation at a local resort, no flights needed.

Last time we had a staycation Covid was all very new and the streets of Waikiki were empty. This time around with tourists coming back to the island we could tell things would be a bit different and booked quickly before it got too busy.

A staycation with kids especially if they are under 5 years of age can be- not -so -relaxing. There are only so many things you can control while enjoying yourself and not debating whether it was all a bad idea.

Here are some things We controlled...

If you have decided to stay locally at a resort for a staycation you most likely know the area and know what the attractions and food spots are.

With that said, one thing we totally controlled was reservations to everything we wanted to do on our time. This worked out perfectly.

No waiting in line to eat meals, no waiting in line to go to the pool, no waiting in line for any of the things we wanted to do.

The hotel we stayed at had a restaurant on site that offered breakfast and also offered the ability to make reservations, big plus!

No need to wake up too early to walk or drive anywhere looking for something to eat with hangry kids. We booked reservations for breakfast around 8:30-9am which gave us plenty of time to get ready and head down to the restaurant to enjoy all the waffles.

After breakfast we took advantage of our pool reservation. Due to Covid the hotel we stayed at has time slots to use the pool. These could be reserved 24 hrs in advance. I thought this was great, no big crowds to deal with and a set time for the kids since our youngest still needs a nap.

We had a light lunch at the hotel's snack bar and then headed back to our room to relax and let the kids nap. This was a must since we did not want tired and cranky kids at dinner.

Then, another set reservation for dinner, once again a perfect way to eat at a busy spot. No waiting in line, they knew we were coming and knew we needed a booster seat so everything was great.

That is pretty much how our meals happened while we stayed there. I used Open Table for reservations and noted the things we needed in the app such as booster seat.

Some other things we controlled....

We always pack a first aid kit with added items like tylenol or allergy medication. This helps so we don't have to go find a pharmacy or even drive to a target.

We do not take beach umbrellas, beach chairs, extra strollers but we do take our beach wagon to take things back and forth from the room to the beach. Thankfully our oldest can walk a good time before she gets too tired and for the youngest we take a baby carrier or umbrella stroller.

I do pack snacks since the kids tend to always want the things they are used to having at home along with their water bottles. I let them pack a small backpack with a couple of small toys or coloring items to stay busy. This helps during our down time in the room so they can play and not be bouncing off the walls. Over packing is the worst but once you have kids you never know what you will truly need at times.

It is also good to know what restaurants in the area will do take out. Even though there are different food delivery services in my opinion not all of them are great. This works great if you are craving small bites after the kids go to bed. Open a bottle of wine (which you can pack) and enjoy some quiet time while the kids sleep.

As a military family that has no family members nearby being with the kids at all times is our normal. Not having grandparents close or aunts and cousins to stay with the kids will be our normal for some time and that is ok. For now, we know how to have a great time together and enjoy their childhood moments which will go by too quick and one day we will miss.

Next time, take the staycation, book the room, eat all the food, learn to relax with them around...i know it is easier said that done but once you make some things easier everything else seems more enjoyable.

Hotel Stay: Hale Koa.

Meal reservations: Open table:


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