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St. Patrick's Toddler craft

We love creating new things and working on our crafty side. Every time a holiday comes around we aim to try a new craft themed with that holiday.

With St. Patrick's coming our way we worked on a quick, easy and affordable craft for our toddler.

We made a Rainbow Pasta St. Patrick's Necklace.

Very easy and she loved making it!

What do you need?

Most of these items you might already have at home and you are more than welcome to find an alternative if you can't find what we used.

  1. Handful of pasta. We used penne pasta that was already in our pantry.

  2. Craft rope. You can also use ribbon, yarn...

  3. Scissors

  4. Paper towels for easy clean up and a disposable plate to put your paint on.

  5. Paint brush

  6. Paint. You will need all colors of the rainbow. As long as you have prime colors and white you should be good.

Rainbow Colors:

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.


Grab some craft robe and measure it around your little one's neck then cut. We kept our loose. Make sure you are doing this and not your little one for safety purposes.

Grab a handful of pasta (we used 3 pieces of pasta per color) place on top of paper towels or an easy to clean surface and use the paint and paint brush to color them.

Let them dry. You can apply a second coat of paint if you want.

Once dry use the rope to go through the pasta. We did this in order of the rainbow.

Tie the ends once done.

Pretty simple!

Depending on the age of your little one this could be a learning activity for colors and what colors you can get from mixing others.

While waiting on ours to dry we read about rainbows.

This is such a cute activity to do during a rainy day or afternoon at home. They can wear their necklace on St. Patrick's day too!


Can't wait to hear how yours came out! share photos!


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