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So fresh & so clean clean 

Spring is almost here & spring cleaning is on my to do list. It can get pretty overwhelming to tackle everything at once so I decided to start planning ahead by working on some DIYs that will make my spring cleaning easier & budget friendly.

I wanted to show you a simple DIY to keep your carpets smelling fresh & clean.

You will need

1. Cup of baking soda

2. Two herbal tea bags ( I love fresh scents during spring and use anything orange, lemon, passion fruit, tangerine or anything tropical)

3. Jar with lid.


Add the cup of baking soda in the jar as well as the lose herbal tea from the tea bags. Mix them well inside the jar using a utensil.

That's it!

You can start sprinkling the jar contents all over the carpet and let sit for 5 mins before vaccuming. You can double the ingredients to make enough for multiple uses and store in a dry/ room temperature area. Do not let moisture in. You can also purchase a shaker jar or just a small wooden spoon to place inside a regular jar if you want.

Try it at home!


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