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Smudging 101

Ok, many of you that know me have seen me post about my love for smudging before. Many of you have been curious on how I do it, why I do it, are there any benefits to smudging...

I decided to do a little Smudging 101 and break it down for everyone interested.

Smudging has been done for thousands of years, Indigenous people still do it till this day to cleanse spirit, being, objects and space. Practitioners believe it to cleanse all these from negative energy.

Smudging is the act of purification. The smoke from smudging is believed to be highly cleansing. As always before you even start to think about smudging you can to stop and think why you want to smudge in the first place and herb will you choose to smudge with. Your selection will matter always.

There are many different Herbs you can choose from and many reasons why you should smudge.


Cedar is used to purify and cleanse a home.

Sage is used to release, cleanse and remove negative energy.

Sweetgrass is used to purify the spirit, calm and heal.

Tobacco is used for ceremonies and rituals to communicate with spirits.

Why should you smudge?

There are plenty of reasons but If you want to start small take a look at how you are feeling.

Are you sad? depressed? Have you had an argument with someone in your home? Are you having trouble sleeping, feeling relaxed?

But of course besides your well-being you can also smudge when you first buy a home or move into a new place. Smudge before meditation or yoga practice. You should smudge after a divorce or life changing event.

Smudge after sickness, smudge after antique shopping, following a natural disaster, before a new job…

After you choose the herbs you will be using to smudge according to the reason why you want to smudge you can decide whether to burn the herbs loose or as a smudge stick. You can use a burning pot or an abalone shell to burn your loose herbs.

Start Smudging!

Before I smudge my home, I always make sure my home is organized and clean. This is a personal thing for me because why would I cleanse over dirty? And no, I am not saying go crazy and have everything spotless but smudging allows you to bring in purity to your home so do not have a mess in front of you while you are smudging your space.

If you are burning a smudge stick, light up your stick and blow out the flames before you beginning. Start clockwise through your home, going through every room, space and corner. While smudging you can go ahead and set your intentions for why you are smudging or use a smudging prayer. (I will post one at the end). This is to set your goals for your smudging session, what ever outcome you want from it set it loud and clear. You can also you a feather to move the smudging smoke around the room, letting it hit every spot.

Once done it is better to put out your smudge stick fully in earth or sand. If this is not available a receptacle works. Do not re-use your smudge sticks or burned herbs.

After your smudging session has come to an end you will feel a sense of cleanse and calmness. I usually feel like the vibes around my home are much more positive, I don't have any major issues come up or unnecessary drama. I do feel the air lighter and my mood is so much better.

One major thing to remember is to procure your smudging sticks and herbs from a reliable source. Do not plant sage in your garden and think it is the same sage you can use to burn. Do your research on the new age stores you will be purchasing these from.

My favorite online shops to get mine from are: and

Hope this makes it a bit easier! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like more info!



Smudging Prayer

Into this smoke I release All energies that do not serve; All negativity that surrounds; And all fears that limit

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