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Red, White & Icing!

Our plans for a long 4th of July weekend are nowhere close to what they were last year. Due to Covid and everything happening looking for ideas on how to entertain the kids and spend family time at home was a priority. Celebrating 4th of July is all about making memories, feeling festive and enjoying all your favorite treats!

This year our celebration includes a super cute and fun DIY Cookie Decorating Kit from Christy's Cookie Treats based on Oahu, Hawaii. This super talented cookier is not only a Military Spouse but also a working momma who is making our days sweeter with her creations.

We took on the challenge of cookie decorating and let me say it was a lot of fun and delicious. I loved seeing our toddler trying to decorate cookies and carefully adding sprinkles to her creation. I mean, what toddler out there shows that much patience? I now know ours does when it comes to cookies! haha

Her delicious 4th of July themed kit included 9 cookies wrapped and sealed, 4 bags of royal icing in different colors, sprinkles and instructions card.

Before you start make sure your counters are clean and hands are washed. Things can get messy with toddlers so have wipes handy. Our toddler had fun eating the sprinkles while decorating.

Follow the instructions in the card that comes in the kit that way you know what to expect and how long the cookies need to sit for and how long they are fresh for.

The cookies in the 4th of July themed kit were shaped like different ice-cream. I started decorating the cookie shaped like a Popsicle and decorated it like one of my childhood favorites the firecracker Popsicle. I then added sprinkles on top for an extra dose of sweetness.

Yum! Good times!

Our toddler took on decorating the ice-cream cone and decided to use red icing and sprinkles. She took her time making sure her decorating was on point.

I asked her if she wanted any other colors but she mentioned how red was her favorite as she put more sprinkles in her mouth.

We kept decorating our cookies and I was able to decorate a couple more while she still managed to work on her ice-cream cone without taking her eyes off the icing falling slowly on top of her cookie.

I finished about 3 of the cookies and then looked up to see a huge smile and thumbs up from our 3 year old who was just so happy that momma was decorating cookies with her after lunch and that she would get to eat her creation as soon as she was done.

To be honest, small things as cookie decorating bring us a bit of normal to our days.

Even baby boy enjoyed a non decorated cookie while we worked on ours and he was loving it.

I love seeing the kids happy to do such simple things. I think I loved cookie decorating as much as she did if not more. It was pretty relaxing to cover the cookie in icing and of course so good to eat when done.

Here are some of the cookies I decorated. What do you think? Do I have a future at being a Cookier like Christy? ehhhh maybe not.... so for now I'll just keep ordering her cookie treats!

If you are interested in ordering she is local to Oahu as mentioned previously but she also ships her cookies freshly sealed to other locations. Christy also takes orders for custom cookie cutters which are great for either your own business , if you are learning to decorate cookies or

just for fun.

Hope you can order some delicious cookie treats and enjoy family time!

You can check out her business at the following links:

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1 Comment

Jun 30, 2020

Those turned out so cute!!

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