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Pudding slime fun

It is all about keeping our kids entertained while home, i know we aim for simple and mess free but it will not always be that way.

Today we tackled our 1st slime recipe and loved it! I even loved making it with our daughter and playing with it after.

Super simple recipe and inexpensive which is always a huge plus, right?

I definitely recommend stocking up on these ingredients for a rainy day, sick day at home or just because!

All you will need is :

• 1 cup of corn starch

• 1/4 cup of instant pudding mix of preferance (we used vanilla)

• 1/3 cup of warm water

Simple enough!


Add instant pudding mix and half of your cornstarch to a mixing bowl. Add 1/3 cup water and stir until slime begins to form (it will be pretty sticky at this point). Slowly add the rest of your cornstarch, stirring as you go. When slime thickens and is hard to stir with a spoon, finish kneading by hand.

If it is too dry you can add a little more water or if it is too sticky add a bit of water.

Now you are ready for some awesome play time!

Keep in mind all slime properties are different, since this one is considered edible it is a bit tougher than other slimes due to the ingredients. Please know that edible in this case means it's safe for kids in case they randomly try to eat it but it's not meant to be eaten!

You can store your slime in the refrigerator for a day or two and rehydrate with water. Always check for signs of mold!

Do not keep longer than that!

Hope your kids have fun! We sure did!




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