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Organized quarantine

I am pretty sure that after over 60 days of staying home some of us have become masters at organizing and getting rid of the clutter. Local pages are filled with garage sales and on the curb posts for things others are very eager to get out of their homes.

Let me just say that I do not like clutter. Clean and open spaces are my ish, they bring me a sense of calmness. I am not full blow minimal so let's put that out there. I just like to keep our home in a way to enjoy the space we have without extra mess.

One area that I like to keep organized is our daughter's bedroom. She is going to be 4 years old and she does not need a mountain of toys or clothes that in the end will make me argue with her if she does not end up picking up. So as parents we decided to keep it simple. Her space has everything she needs while keeping everything in order, in a simple way for her to know where everything goes and easy enough to put away and clean. Her room is also not a huge space so clutter would only make it feel smaller and we want it to be an inviting place for her to enjoy.

I decided to share some of the pieces that have worked so good for us to keep up with the style and organization we wanted. When they are young it also helps to choose a bedroom theme that will grow with them. Yes, I know kids love Frozen and Minnie Mouse but those likes will soon fade, leaving you with adding a new unwanted budget to re-decorate for a couple more years, so while they are still young keep it simple, use basic colors and themes that are not character related.

Here are my favorite 2 pieces from her room to keep clutter away.

With a piece like this one she has a place for everything. Stuffed animals, games, books and smaller pieces in the drawers. She knows where things go making our job as parents a bit easier when it comes to clean up time.

Here are some more designs I love for kids rooms:

Another piece we added to her room was for her closet. Having a big dresser while having a closet can take away so much space from a room. We wanted her to have play space.

This piece can be customized and you can add to it which is a plus. We got the bins separately and added bin tags to it so she knows where things go. Tagging the bins is a huge plus for school aged kids; it is a great way to learn letters or work on their reading. The bins have her clothes in them; things like underwear and bathing suits. This also is a huge plans now that she gets ready on her own. You can just supervise!

Remember that organizing and decorating does not have to be a stressful project. Pick the right pieces that work for each member of your family and their age.

Show me how you are making life at home simpler.


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