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Non-surgical treatments and body image

I am always talking about the importance of self-care, body love and body image and the comfort it brings us when we can finally break free from insecurities and love ourselves fully.

Even thought I am all about loving yourself the way you are I also understand that at times some things are out of our control when it comes to our appearance and body image. There are many people who go through hereditary issues, have gone through medical procedures or been in accidents that have severely affected the way they see themselves.

Recently I found out about scalp micropigmentation and it truly made me realize that for many procedures as such are huge for self-care. Not only can something like scalp micropigmentation boost your confidence but it can truly change the way you and others see yourself and open doors to a new world you have been staying away from due to not feeling like yourself.

If you have not heard about it scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical treatment option for baldness. It is innovative and it is helping many people all over the world feel great about themselves and their looks. This cosmetic procedure adds microdot tattoos to your head to give your hair follicles a healthy appearance. Scalp micropigmentation can give your hairline a better and fuller look or can also be used in areas where hair has thinned.

Even though it is mainly used in male baldness micropigmentation is also known to cater to people who have gone through and are recovering from Cancer since a common side effect of cancer treatment is hair loss. People with Alopecia have also used micropigmentation to fill their scalp and thinner hair areas. Situations like head injuries with scars have also benefited from this procedure along with any other sort of baldness in men and women.

One of the leading specialist names for scalp micropigmentation is Picasso. With locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin, all their specialists are artists who understand cosmetics and know how to properly match the microdot tattoo pigmentation to your natural skin color.

Does it hurt?

Picasso’s treatment is known to hurt less than a regular tattoo, this low-risk procedure will cover scars and baldness and leave you feeling amazing.

Jeff Villenas is the Founder and CEO of Picasso Scalp and Micropigmentation and is known to be one of the most skilled specialists in the United States’s Midwest region. Finding the right team to do the job is a must.

As a self-care advocate, I love finding information on treatments that are making people’s lives better. Coming across Scalp micropigmentation was extremely eye opening, I had no idea this was something being done to cater to baldness of any sort and showing people that they can get their confidence and life back with a non-surgical, non-invasive and mostly pain-free treatment.

If you know someone going through a tough time due to their appearance caused by baldness then share this useful information with them.

You can find more information about Picasso Scalp and Micropigmentation using this link and learn more about what they offer for their clients, more information on their procedure and after care and get to know the team and their Los Angeles scalp-micropigmentation locations or give them a follow on Facebook/ Twitter or any social media channel.

Remember that it is perfectly ok to see what is out there to help you get your life back when it comes to your appearance. It is ok to want to make changes that will contribute to your mental health and body image in a positive manner.

As always please do your own research on any treatments and procedures you might come across, finding a reputable place to cater to your needs and procedures is very important and can make a huge difference. Check out reviews and testimonies and feel comfortable about taking on a new treatment before you start.


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