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New Year, No resolutions

Society has trained us to believe that when a new year approaches our list of resolutions should be a priority before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

However, what many do not know is that New Year resolutions can be faulty and can actually hurt you more than benefit you.

Around this time of the year family and friends are showing their New Year resolutions on their favorite social media platforms for the world to see, this could be a good idea in order to keep you on track but this can also put a lot of unwanted pressure on yourself. Family and friends will check on you... "how are the workouts going? Did you finish that class? Did you get the job? How is your new relationship?" Then if it all doesn't work or takes longer than expected you are left feeling like you failed. How is this healthy? Resolutions do not lead to sustainable changes. You must work at them for way longer to form those healthy habits. When you set resolutions and they do not work it can affect your mental health and can possibly lead to depression.

About 4 years ago, I ditched resolutions. Instead I give myself a list of short term and long term goals to tackle throughout the year but one thing is a must... I have to know and understand why I want to achieve them. Goals are NOT resolutions. Goals are specific which makes them more obtainable and doable therefore more effective.

So how do you get started on you New Year GOALS ?

Here are some tips on getting your goals set:

  1. set goals you can achieve with a partner

  2. set realistic goals

  3. set goals for different areas of your life

  4. write down your goals and check on them periodically

  5. reward yourself

  6. be flexible

  7. share them with the right people

Think of your goals in all areas; spiritually, mentally, physically, financial, relationships...

Setting goals allows you to cater to different parts of your life and works with all the changes we as humans make throughout the year.

Do not fear failure. We are meant to fail, we learn from failure. We become better due to it; it fuels us to keep pushing and going. Life is not perfect and things will happen just get back up and keep moving forward.

Here are some examples on some goals you can make:

  1. Have a more active lifestyle. You do not have to workout at the gym every day to accomplish this. You can walk a couple times a week around your neighborhood. You can sign up for a yoga class or take on surfing.

  2. Eat healthier. No FAD diets allowed, no eating plans under your supposed calorie intake.... just replace certain items to change your habits. Add more veggies to your meals, drink more water, drink a smoothie instead of a donut every so often.

  3. Get more sleep, relax: stop using your phone 1 hour before bed time. Stretch before bed. Read a book.

  4. Work on your finances: take a budgeting class, start couponing, changer your eating out routine, set a shopping budget.

  5. Work on yourself: learn a new skill, create new friendships, learn a language, work on self love.

Whatever you decide your goals to be this upcoming year know that it is ok not to achieve all of them if you don't. It is ok to change your goals according to where you are in life and your situation. It is ok because they are your goals and you are the one that has the power on how to feel about them.



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