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Moving made simple

As a Military spouse moving time can be one of the most stressful times in our Military lifestyle. Every couple of years sometimes even sooner the word PCS comes along and chaos starts for many families living all over the Country and abroad.

But moving does not have to come with the headache and stress if we are properly prepared to take on our new adventure. We have done this more than once so I figured I would share tips and tricks to make organizing, packing and moving way easier for you and your family.

Here are 10 tips that made moving 100 times better:

1. You now have a moving date... the ball is in your court. Prepare ahead of time by decluttering and getting rid of the items that no longer serve you. Make it even easier by separating items into piles. There will be items you might want to sell, others you can donate. It is always a plus if you can sell some items to have a bit of extra cash during your move. Moving can be expensive so this definitely helps. You can organize a quick yard sale to make some money, the rest of the items can be donated to your local thrift store.

2. Keeping your house clean whether you are renting or own can be very beneficial. If you spot details that need work try fixing them on your own if they are small enough so that moving day you do not get charged with unexpected fees. Any spots that need a touch of pain, light fixtures needing a new bulb, appliances that need an extra wipe... this all helps.

3. Keeping things organized before the movers come to pack your home is very important. You do not want items to get lost. You can use Ziplock bags for all loose screws and bolts from the furniture you will be moving then tape these bags to the items they belong to. You can also use them for remote controls, small cables and chargers, batteries... Label all Ziplock baggies with a sharpie to remember what they all belong to. I.e.; control for bedroom tv, screws for master bedroom curtain rod.

4.Get all moving supplies beforehand or if you are hiring a moving company like Gameday Moving Services Houston and ask them if they will supply boxes and packing material. They also provide a variety of servies to make sure everything is as easy as possible. I really love that it’s not just packing, moving and delivering your items but you can even ask for more specific services such as just labor only, college dorm moving or gun safe moving in the Houston area. Having those important document, papers and memorable possessions moved safely and efficiently is key to making moving as easy as can be.

5. Create a first night essential kit. This is one of the best things to have. Usually after a whole day of moving you are so tired and the last thing you want to do is look through all the boxes for the stuff you need right away. Use a clear bin to get together all the items you will need for your first night at your new place: toilet paper, fresh linens, change of clothes, hygiene items, trash bags, snacks, some toys for the kids, pet food... These are the items you cannot live without for that first night.

6. Use Shrink wrap instead of duct tape. Yes! This one I just love. It made it easier and we did not waste as much. We were going through so many rolls of tape before we started using shrink wrap. The wraps keep everything in place which you can even use to wrap items like your jewelry box, toiletries, utensils and more.

7. Don’t forget to cancel your subscriptions if you no longer need them and change your home address. You can do this about 2 weeks prior to moving since you will already have your new address. Create a list of all the bills and businesses you receive mail from as well since sometimes a change of address might not be enough and eventually you will have to change your information through their website. I.E; the bank, school, cable, internet...

8. Keep all important paperwork with you and make copies. Anything like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, medical records or any keepsakes you truly do not want to lose. You can keep these in a travel folder.

9. Label and color code your boxes. This can be great help for your movers too that way everyone knows where all the boxes will go while unloading the moving truck. No need to figure out what belongs where when you color code every box with its location.

10. Tip your movers!

This is so important because that is their job and if you believe they have done an outstanding job then they deserve it. If for some reason the moving company does not want to accept the tip you can always ask if they will let you buy them lunch. They will be tired and hungry so lunch will definitely be welcomed. Ask them if they are craving something specific, if not you can just get pizza and drinks for everyone.

I know moving can be a bit too much and now that you have these tips, I hope your transition from one home to the next goes a whole lot smoother. If you are in the Athens, GA area do not forget to get your moving quote from Gameday Moving Services for your next move; their team goes above and beyond!

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