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Movies to get you through deployment- part 1

We know deployments can seem never-ending.... I know it is tough to go days and months without that special person but I also know you are strong and capable of handling the situation you are in. When my spouse was deployed I was going through motherhood as a solo parent and night time was one of the hardest times of my day. Forget dealing with kids, cleaning the house, making everything work alone... all of that kept me busy. To be honest, loneliness does not hit until everyone is in bed and you are just waiting for your spouse to come lay with you. That was the tough part for me, the part where everything is silent and you have time to overthink EVERYTHING! Are they ok? Will I get an e-mail soon? What will breakdown next? How will I fix this? It is not easy, never gets easier, you just learn to handle everything differently.

Something that got me through the nights was watching movies. Some entertainment to my night before calling it a day to where I paid attention to another story line and not my own.

I wanted to share a list of movies that worked to keep my mind busy. Keep in mind that some might not be something you would normally watch but maybe give it chance. You got time!

One thing I did do is stay away from war related movies … most definitely keeping away from any Submarine related films...I just did not want to see anything that would get me worried or overthinking.

My list starts with all movies that had multiple films, sequels …

  1. Harry Potter, all 8 of the movies. Watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone then follow it up with the next 7. That gets you a week's worth of movies and for some depending on how long the movie you might fall asleep and keep on watching the next night.

  2. All Star Wars movies! Now, there are two approaches to this, you can either watch them in numerical order: (I, II, III, IV V, VI) or in order in which they were released. You can add the Star Wars movies which are part of the same brands but different stories like Rogue One or Solo.

3. Marvel Avengers. Now, depending on your movie provider such as Disney+ you can watch up to 22 of the MCU movies with new releases coming up. That is close to a month of movies! sayyyy whatttt!!!!

4.The Lord of the rings. I know, I know...some of you might dislike my nerdy self after this but they are actually really good. I do have to say the 1st one for me goes by slow but the other ones are really great films. You can also add The Hobbit's 3 films to this list making it a total of 6 movies to watch.

* If you have made it this far, I would love to point out that keeping an open mind and positive outlook will get your far haha You already have more than a month's worth of movies to watch or just keep as background noise.

5. Take some time for Gotham City and watch all 3 newer Batman films starting with Batman Begins. If you love Batman films then you can also add the 90's Batman films like Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I used to love Chris O'Donnell as Robin.

6. Need a break from all the action? Toy Story has 4 fun movies to watch.

7. Kick it old school and watch Back to the future and all 3 parts.

8. Join the crew of the USS Enterprise and watch all 3 Star Trek.

9. “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”- Indiana Jones. If you love a great franchise but hate snakes then all 4 Indiana Jones movies are a must watch!

10. One of my top collection to watch... The Chronicles of Narnia. I truly find them fun and I love the cast and of course the take on C.S Lewis books.

This list can go on and on which it sure will because there is no stopping now. I want to help you take your mind off from everything you are going through or is coming your way.

Hopefully you will watch some of these are create your own list to watch.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Xo, stay strong!

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