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Monthly Obsession

Every month that goes I randomly obsess over something. I know the word Obsess can sound a bit dramatic but just for fun I thought I would write about my recent obsessions.

This can be anything that I am low key all over or something that is taking time in my life a bit too much.

August is coming to an end so I thought I would share about the things making me happy and a little obsessed.

Let's talk shows...

I started watching "All American" on Netflix and I seriously have to stop myself from binge watching because I do not want to run out of episodes to watch. There are currently 3 seasons and the show has a great up and coming cast along side some great actors like Taye Diggs... Remember "The Best Man"? Anyway, the show is fun to watch and of course has lots of HS Drama.

Please no spoiler alerts! I am still watching... let me obsess a bit more.

As some of you know I am training to run the Honolulu Marathon in December. With that said running has taken over most of my days and with that signing up to random races. I am obsessing over filling up my medal holder...might need a new one soon. I guess it can be seen as a healthy obsession since I am running for them haha

What else am I obsessing over?

Of course everything Fall. Did you already get a pumpkin spice drink? Did you already decorate for the season? Did you already start a Fall bucket list?

Done! I am loving all the Fall things as always so Autumn scents and seasonal decor is starting to fill up our home.

I am obsessed with Ulta Beauty at Target! If your Target does not have an Ulta by now you can probably tell they are remodeling or changing things on their floor. Our local Target is pretty small compared to others and does not have an Ulta however it's remodeling shows Ulta-like changes like brighter lighting, better fixtures, small beauty and self care bars and more amazing brands.

What else?

How about all the throwback music! Being a Millennial has truly made me realize that anything that I used to hear back in the day like early 2000's needs to make a huge come back. More so all the post-grunge scene. Yes, I will be blasting FallOut Boy, My Chemical Romance and Avengedseven Fold because they had some great songs out and there is nothing better than banging your head to their songs after dropping the kids off at school. De-stress! last thing... I am currently obsessed with wanting more Crocs in all colors haha

If you would have asked me about Crocs 3 years ago I would have said...

But here I am... wanting more!

Share what you are obsessing about with me! Let me know!

Do you agree with any of the ones I mentioned?


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