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Parent must haves: back to school

All year long parents everywhere work like busy bees making everything happen for their families. Whether at home or on-the go we are constantly planning steps ahead, staying organized and creating schedules that help our lifestyle.

As fall gets near and the back to school temp starts picking up I wanted to share some things that you might find useful once it's time for the kids to go back to class.

These are items you can keep in your car, purse, kid's backpacks and more to always have handy.

Let's start with taking care of you! Because if your cup is not filled (in this case, literally) then you will not making through that drop off line.

Stay hydrated, whether you want to use it for your coffee or water this Kodrine 20oz cup with straw is perfect to take with you. Find it in your favorite color. It is perfect for morning smoothies, afternoon iced coffee or water. It has a bamboo lid and has a protective sleeve.

Practice Self care. Most parents spend a lot of time either waiting in their cars to pick up children or at extracurricular activities waiting for their kids to end a lesson, practice... I know most parents wished they had more time to read or have time for a hobby. Use platforms such as Audible while you watch your kids play sports or take a ballet class. You can try Audible Plus FREE for 30 days and then for $7.95/month. Check out their originals, audiobooks and podcasts. If Audible is not right for you, have you tried journaling? Here is a favorite

Keep the younger kids entertained! If you are a parent who has younger kids with you at all times then you know how they can get bored and annoyed from sitting there waiting. Make it fun for them as well while waiting on their older sibling. If you are in the car try fun to-go activities: sticker books, coloring or this doodle board

It is also great to pack them snacks depending on the time you are out and about and if your kids are anything like mine they want snacks all the time. These Bentgo Bento-style lunch boxes are perfect to back snacks and quick bites and these have extra chill features to keep everything cool. You can also use these to pack school lunches or snacks for after practice, classes, games..

I could go on and on with this but I will leave you with one of my favorites... packing cubes! yesss!

Whether you have little ones or bigger kids, it is always great to have a packing cube with some essentials. Extra wipes, diapers, change of clothes, first aid items, disposable masks, hand sanitizer wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, picnic blanket, umbrella, feminine hygiene products for your teens or yourself; these all come in handy for different activities. i.e: if you are watching a soccer game and need sunscreen, if your toddler spills a drink on their clothes, if you go to a place that requires masks, if someone gets a scrape during practice...

Being a parent is tough! But imagine how much better our days could go if we prepared a tiny bit more to tackle what is to come.

I hope this is helpful as you start preparing for fall and taking on a busier schedule.

You've got this!

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