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Memorial Day: Honor the fallen.

As everybody partakes on their Memorial day weekend adventures and celebrations with their family let's take step back from the fun a bit and think of all the ways we should Honor the fallen on this day.

  1. Pay your respects: visit a National Cementary.

National cementaries all over host Memorial Day Ceremonies on May 27th. Some cementaries allow you to volunteer to place flowers or wreaths around the grounds. For a list of National cementaries in your state check out the link below. Keep in mind not all states will have a cementary.

2. Sponsor a thank you wreath.

If you can't volunteer or attend a ceremony during Memorial Day you can check out the Memorial Day Foundation using the link below to sponsor a lovely wreath to be placed as a thank you at a War Memorial of your choice.

3. The Flag.

Pay your respects on Memorial Day, by flying the flag at half-staff until noon, and raise it again to the peak after noon.

4. Attend a parade.

Take the family for a day out to enjoy and pay your respects at a Memoridal Day parade. Check out the link below for parade dates and times in your area.

5. National Moment of Remembrance.

The National Moment of Remembrance was recognized since the year 2000 by Congress and a Presidential proclamation and designs 3:00 pm as a pausing moment to honor the fallen for a minute of silence.

Enjoy your weekend & honor the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for your freedom!


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