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Manifest it

You have probably heard people talking about manifesting and how they have manifested into existence the things they want most.

Well, is manifesting something that truly works or is it pure myth?

I really wanted to write about this because I am all about manifesting and it has truly worked for me in the last couple of years. In case you did not know manifesting has been a thing way before social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram made it trendy and it is truly practiced by many people throughout the world.

But what is manifesting? Does it work? How do you go about it?

To put it simply manifesting is setting clear intentions into something you hope to make happen in the future. That is why people say you should manifest or speak into the universe or existence in order for your manifestation to happen. The more you believe in it, the probability increases.

You can manifest many things: pay raise, new job, travel, better relationships, new house...

Keep in mind that manifestation is not an easy fix to problems. It is not instant gratification so do not think because you speak into the universe that you want a pay raise that you would get it next day and without actually working to deserve it. It is also good to acknowledge that due to our circumstances manifestation might not work as quick either. We all have some sort of disadvantage we need to accept in order to move on and up. Understanding your disadvantages such a income, gender, race...keeps you grounded throughout your manifesting. You know what you want, understand where you come from, you are clear why you want and deserve better.

With that said, the Law of attraction plays a huge role in manifestation. The Law of attraction is a principle that states that you will attract to your life whatever it is you focus on. It is one that claims your thoughts determine your reality.

So how can you apply the law of attraction in your practice to manifest?

Well let's start by being grateful for what you already have. I know at times this can be tough because we might be going through a rough patch where nothing seems to be going right and it's easy to lose sight of what is truly important but being grateful can go into the tiniest of detail in your life or it can be general. You can be grateful for your health and a roof over your head, you can be grateful for having a job that pays you well, food on your table, your hobbies, abilities, friendships, nature...

Then start working on visualizing your goals, the same goals you want manifested. If you have an aesthetic side like me the doing things like vision boards can be helpful; these do not have to be made of cutouts of what you want and all the magazines you can find, you can keep these virtual like Pinterest boards or Canva. If you are into vision boards then meditation works along with goal writing. After your vision board or lists are created start thinking of ways to reach your goal. Take small steps every day while going over the things you want. Do not limit your beliefs. Understand that staying clear from negativity will help you. You can do it, You will do it!

Keep your energy in check, use positive energy through your actions, feelings and thoughts. The same energy you put out towards your manifestation will be the same energy you receive. This also applies to the way we want to feel. If you want to feel more understood or more loved then you need to show that to the ones around you.

No matter what never forget to be clear with your intentions, do not send mixed signals for what you want manifested.

And remember that the Universe is always listening and will always have your back!


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