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Joyful movement and why I love it

You have probably heard of the term "joyful movement" and felt completely lost.

Totally ok. Been there!

Let's start with...

What is Joyful movement?

Plain and simple, Joyful movement is exercise that makes you feel good.

Instead of focusing on your exercise for the sole purpose of weight-loss, joyful movement invites you to change the way you workout by changing the way you think of it and the way you approach exercise. It is all about finding the fun in the movement.

But how do you even start?

Start by thinking of the types of exercise you actually love. Is it dancing? Yoga? Hiking? Swimming?

Make note of all the types of exercises that make you happy and actually feel fun while doing.

What next?

Connect with friends. Once you have figured out the way you want to approach joyful movement through exercises that you love and have fun with incorporate those with friends.

You might already have friends you have these in common with but if you do not, thankfully the internet helps you stay connected with so many others who share the same love. Check out groups in your area or classes in your area and events that cater to those activities.

You can start doing these slowly, 1 or 2 times a week, this will help you decide if it is something that might work for you. Is it something you are enjoying? You should never feel burned out so keep things simple.

In my own life, exercise has always been a big part of the way I used to do things. In the past I always aimed to exercise in order to loose weight but never to feel stronger, feel more accomplished in workouts, feel happier, get better rest and so on.

This time around, after much needed soul searching and learning about joyful movement I can honestly say it has completely changed how I view exercising.

I now incorporate joyful movement multiple times a week and I have noticed multiple changes from mood boosts, better sleep, less stress, more self love and most of all actually enjoying my active lifestyle.

If I don't workout I don't feel like I have failed, instead I use the day to allow my body to rest and practice mindfulness. If I want to take a break from a type of workout like running or strength exercises then I go for a hike or walk. My mind has learned that moving my body is not a chore anymore...I don't dread it.

I have also distanced myself from people who constantly bad mouth their own bodies or constantly bring body talks into conversation. This for me is huge because it is not helpful. I am also human and get caught up in it if others talk about it so distance or changing the subject truly helps. Remind yourself that surrounding yourself with people who are stuck in that train of thought rubs on you and it is not healthy. You can recommend them to tag along with you in your self love and joyful movement journey. I truly wish someone had done that for me a long time ago.

I hope this works for you as you take the steps into joyful movement territory. I encourage you to do your own research and find what is best for you!

Wish you the best!

Self Love is the best kind of love.


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