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Journal Prompts for Military Spouses

Being a Military Spouses is way more than your Service member's work in the Military. You are more than the title you are given due to his job and within the many phases that Military Spouses go through we grow and learn so much about ourselves. With so much we go through finding ways to relax, cope and find peace can be tough. Many love finding hobbies but sometimes it is just hard to create time in the day to fit it all in.

One hobby that has worked for me is writing. I love writing about everything and sharing information about the things I learn along my own journey. I have always find journaling to be such a simple way to put all my thoughts on paper. A way in which I can express my emotions, unwind and for once think of just one task at hand... a prompt.

If you love journaling, want to get started or just want something to help you clear your mind during deployments or long days away from your significant other I have put together a list of journaling prompts perfect to get you started.

Journal prompts are ideas to get you writing. These give you a clear direction on the subject to write about.

(also, if you are new to my blog there will be no need to scroll down endlessly to find this information or a hidden link and hoops to go through).

Here are some of my favorite prompts to get you started:

  1. What 3 things did you achieve today?

  2. Write about your Military love story.

  3. What are your deployment goals?

  4. What does life look like after retirement?

  5. 5 things you love about Military life.

  6. Name 3 things you are grateful for.

  7. Write about your favorite Military related memory.

  8. Self Love: Write 5 things you love about yourself.

  9. What advice would you give a new Military spouse?

  10. Write 3 things you love about your current duty station.

Here are some more...

11. What are you struggling with today?

12. Share a deployment tip.

13. If you were to PCS anywhere...where would you go and why?

14. What is something you dislike about Military life?

15. What is your least favorite thing to do on your own during deployment?

16. Write about your favorite thing to do.

17. Your honest thoughts on FRGs, Spouse Clubs and Milspo groups.

18. How does your family reintegrate after a deployment?

19. Write about how you cope with a bad day.

20. A day in the life: what does your day look like today?

Some of these prompts might seem simple, others might have you writing more than a paragraph but I want you to use these prompts to be honest with yourself, let go of anxieties, see the little blessings in your day, give yourself grace and see how you have changed along your journey. Even though there are so many Military Spouses out there... there is only one YOU and taking care of YOU is a priority!

Let me know how the writing goes.



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