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Hugs, kisses & Crafts 

We love Valentine's Day and we also love crafts. No matter the holiday we are always wondering what to make next.

We also like crafts that we can keep using throughout the year and our little one can be entertained with after making.

This year we decided to use simple supplies to make a valentine day's message chalkboard...

Super simple but please supervise and help throughout depending on your kids age.


Popscicle sticks

Glue gun

Chalk paint


Twine or ribbon


Some sort of vday small decor; we made smaller hearts out of foarm hearts but you can use stickers or other supplies.

Set 2 popscicle sticks away from each other as base then glue your popscicle sticks together on top of those horizontally.

You can make your message board as big as you want...just keep adding. Once glued and dried turn the board and glue the twine or ribbon leaving enough material to hang. Then let it dry.

Use the chalkboard paint to cover the board's surface and let it dry. You can apply more coats of paint as needed.

Once the paint dries go ahead and decorate your board as you want.

You are now done!

Write as many messages as you want then wipe with a chalk eraser or cloth.

Let me know how you liked our simple craft and if you tried it at home!


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