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Hello, I don't sugar coat it & you need more friends like me.

I have been wanting to write this post for a bit and I am finally able to get all my thoughts straight to make it public.

Yes, I am that one friend who loves and cares about you so I don't sugar coat issues to protect your feelings. Why? Because, you constantly mention how you want honesty, how you like bluntness, how you want someone who is here I am!

I learned to be this way from my own experiences with friends. Friends who loved me and told me things straight up without hidding how they felt. We need more people to be this way and less people to walk on eggshells when approaching friends.

I am that girl who will tell you if an outfit is not complimenting your figure, I will let you know if you are too good to be dating certain dude who keeps making you cry, I am that person who will tell you to get your issshhhh together and chase your dreams, i am that friend that will for sure let you know if you are wrong when you think you are right.

Women think that friends should be there and support them in all aspects of their lives which we should be however that support comes in different ways and some you will not like but be thankful for later.

Now let me add to this and being tactful does not mean sugar coating. Aim to be honest without hurting/ offending your friend.

We need more girlfriends to be real with each other and stop sugar coating issues, opinions and advice. Growth comes with truth and honesty and this is what I would expect from someone who I truly consider a friend.

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