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Heavenly Sea

Nothing like spending Aloha Friday by the ocean!

One of our top favorite beaches on island is Lanikai Beach, Lanikai in Hawaiian means Heavenly Sea.

Lanikai is about a mile long, has fine white sand and the most beautiful turquoise waters. It is visited by many every day so If you ever come to Hawaii and visit Lanikai make sure you arrive early. There are no major parking lots or parking structures around; it is all street parking in the neighborhood surrounding the beach. Make sure your are courteous of the residents and follow the parking signs and tow away zones.

From the shore you can see the famous Mokulua Islands which are about a mile away. These islands are visited by kayakers and surfers.

This beach is pretty kid & dog friendly and you are welcome to bring beach umbrellas or beach tents.

Lanikai beach is located in Kailua, Hawaii. If visiting Kailua you can check out the link below!

Photo cred: Daniella Horne


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