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Happy Mail- Milso Subscription Boxes

If you are anything like me then receiving random gifts and cards in the mail make you happy. The thought that I can come home and have a package waiting for me filled with goodies perfectly curated for me and my lifestyle can make my day 100% better.

As a Military Spouse using things like Subscription Boxes while navigating through deployments can be very beneficial. The great thing about them is that they are curated for you...a Military Spouse! Therefore, everything in your box will be catered to you and the ups and downs of deployment.

Something else I love about Military Spouse Subscription Boxes is that most companies out there are owned by a Military Spouse, some have been Milso's for a long time, some are Vets as well, so they have been there and understand what you are and will be going through as you tackle the months ahead. They know that the items they personally curate for your monthly package has to be something that will be benefit you, comfort you, put a smile on your face but most of all show you that you are not alone.

Here are some of my favorite Military Spouse Subscription Boxes:

  1. Brave Crate

Their mission is to inspire Military Spouses to make every moment count while counting down to homecoming. You can get a box month to month, prepay three months or six months starting at $33.99/month.

2. Milso Box

Their mission is purposed for those who have answered the call as a Military or First Responder Significant Other. Their boxes are curated with Milso owned/Veteran owned brands, you receive about 6 items per box and their subscriptions start at $32.95/month for a 12 month subscription.

3. Saltwater and Sand

This subscription box company is owned by a Military Spouse and it is the perfect box for all the coastal vibes. Perfectly curated to make you feel as if you were somewhere on a beach.

These are seasonal and Fall pre-orders are now available!

If your significant other is deploying soon or if you have a Military Spouse friend who is tackling deployment these subscription boxes will sure help you find comfort throughout the days ahead until homecoming.

I hope this helps you take on deployment time and make the days go a bit easier. I know it is definitely hard to keep your head up during times like these but you got this!


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