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Grace upon Grace 

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. Life has been on pause while I take in every single blessing with my family to include our new bundle of joy. Motherhood has been an amazing journey so far but so much has gone into it for me to be the person I have been since my kids blessed my life. As mothers we strive for perfection in all aspects of our days. Society has made it to be so & now with social media at our finger tips the stress to become a pinterest worthy momma is driving mothers to the edge. Perfectionism is the killer of grace! Remeber this phrase! Your life will not be the same after. Mothers should seek grace instead of perfection. We need to be humble enough to learn from others. We need to let go of fear, we should not judge ourselves, we need to let our magic shine, be kind to others and show our courage in times of harship. Since the moment we become mothers we are phased with a vast amount of choices and pressure that is so overwhelming that we put Grace in the back burner and slow start losing track of it. It is ok to fail, it is completely ok to take time away from your spouse and your children, it is totally fine to step back from situations that make your heart troubled and relationships that no longer allow you to grow. When you've lost patience or get upset Grace reminds you that you are human. When you are too tired to play dates or laundry piles on, Grace reminds you that all humans need rest. When you are stuck on how you arw failing as a mother, Grace reminds you that those tiny humans love you every single minute. Grace is there every day! It starts fresh like every sunrise as long as you accept it in your life and you allow yourself to let go of the mindset that is holding you back and dimming your light! Grace upon Grace...just for you! XO.

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