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February loves

Can you believe it is already February? I know many of you thought January felt as if it was never ending but we made it through the 1st month of the 2022 and while not everything might be rainbows and butterflies I am focusing on the good things that are happening in February and everything that brings a smile to my face this month.

Here are some things I am loving this month and some of my goals to tackle February:

  1. Go outdoors. I know this can be tough if you live in colder weather areas however if you can try to make the most out of the sunny days. Sunshine can help a lot with your mood. My goal this February is to make it outdoors more often. Beach days, hiking, strolling through our neighborhood and having the kids play all counts.

2. This month I'm all about watching "How I met your Father" on Hulu. This spin-off sequel is a fun watch, feel-good show. It's quirky and funny and of course after the 1st episode I already wanted to know who was going to be in a relationship with who.

3. If you have been following @mommaandsprouts then you know we are getting ready for a move. We are heading to California in a month so purging and packing is in full effect. Our home is chaos and with that February's goal of keeping things minimal as we pack to leave. Purging is helping me stay minimal on the things we are taking with us and also helping with over spending while still in the house we are currently in.

4. Self care has been my priority this year. One of the main goals is to keep a routine with my self care. Every couple days I do a face mask, every day and night I am sticking to a skin care routine and I will strive to make joyful movement happen this February. Think of ways in which you can keep up with your skincare throughout your days.

5. Jonathan Van Ness new Netflix show "Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness" is the highlight of my February. I am leaving this one last so you can go ahead and add it your must watch list. This show is inspiring! Learn about different things and get curious about the world around us.

February is already looking bright! I hope sunshine fills your days and you remember how amazing you are!

Let know if any of these help you through this month.


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