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Fall in love February

You hear the word February and we think Valentine's day. But instead of celebrating one day why not make it a month full of all the little things that can make February a month to remember, filled with self love, care & friendships.

•Send yourself flowers or pick some fresh lovelies and freshen up your home.

•Get a pedicure or manicure and choose your favorite shade of pink or red.

•Read a classic romance novel.

•Buy some cute new underwear.

•Make lunch or dinner plans with your friends and celebrate Galentine's day.

•Get your favorite bottle of wine & relax with a bubble bath.

•Write a post it note every day with something you love about yourself.

•Send your friends Valentine's Day greetings.

•Watch your favorite romantic movie.

•Pay it forward on Valentine's Day, do a random act of kindness.

•Bake a sweet treat.

•Treat yourself to a massage, facial or spa day.

Make it a great February! A whole month to show yourself & the ones around you some LOVE!

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