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Easter garland. Kids craft!

I have always loved crafts. I grew up with an amazingly crafty mother. She can seriously do it all. I am nowhere near as talented but I do love doing crafts and now as a mom I love sharing that with the kids.

We have been decorating a bit for Easter because in the middle of all this chaos we need traditions more than ever.

Spring crafts and celebrating Easter is a must!

So if you have cardboard around your house i am sure the kids would like this one!

You will need:

-Cardboard (those amazon boxes will work haha)


- Paint (we use washable)



-Rope, ribbon, yarn ...


Draw egg shapes on cardboard (as many as you can fit, your preference on size. Go ahead and cut off the eggs. (You should do this for your toddler, if you have bigger kids they can try on their own with your supervision). Paint cardboard eggs then let dry. Once dry apply glue (we did it in different patterns). Sprinkle glitter on top of glue and let it dry. Once dry you can use your pen or scissors to make holes on the top of each egg then loop the rope through to hang.

You are done! Use to decorate their playroom, kitchen, livingroom..wherever you want!

This is a great way to work with items you might already have at home!


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