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Earth day craft

We wanted to make our Earth day craft special & use things we could find outdoors so we decided to make an air clay wall decor piece for our little ones play area. This is something we loved doing as a family & you can make your own.

All you need is:

•Air clay

•twine or rope


•flowers, leaves, shells...

•a piece of driwft wood or small wooden branch

•drill (parent use only)

•parchment paper

We found the air clay at Target in the arts & crafts section along with the rope. The flowers & leaves we used we got from around our neighborhood & the piece of driftwood we found at the beach during a family outing. The rest of the materials we had at home already.

Lay some parchment paper on your working area, open the air clay container (make sure you read the instuctions first; some require a bit of water added) & grab a small amount. Round it making it a sphere then place on the parchment paper & make it flat enough to fit the size of the flowers & leaves you will be using. Grab your flowers & press gently on top og the air clay making sure you get every piece of flower on your air clay disk. Press firmly until the whole piece gets stuck on the air clay. If you want to you can also just make imprints instead of leaving the flower on the air clay. To make an imprint press firmly then remove the flower. You will continue to do the same will all your flowers or leaves collected. Then let air dry according to instructions. We used the crayola brand air clay and drying time was 2-3 days.

Once your pieces are dry grab your piece of driftwood & drill holes on it depending on where you want them. We spaced ours out a bit to let our air clay disks float without touching each other. Use the rope to tie them.

Make sure all disks are securely attached in case they might fall & be ready to display your new wall decor wherever you want!

This was a great family craft for us, we had an awesome time from picking flowers to working with the air clay. Hope you can try this DIY with your family & let me know how you enjoyed it!


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