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Disneyland vacation- Lodging

How is your Disneyland vacation planning going?

Have you been able to find lodging yet?

First of all, know that I am always transparent and this blog post is not an Ad or collaboration. We paid for everything during our stay and booked on our own so there is nothing that keeps me from showing the pros and cons about our lodging reservation.

Howard Johnson is a very well-known brand of hotels by Wyndham, there are many reasons why we choose to stay here more so as a family with young kids and I am here to tell you what we loved about it and what could have been better.

Distance, was a big consideration. We knew that we did not want to drive from the hotel to the park and vice versa and have to worry about parking and extra costs. Having the Howard Johnson within walking distance to the Disneyland entrance was perfect. About 8 minutes to walk to Disneyland along the street sidewalk with all the other families and people staying at the local hotels. This was huge to take a mid-day rest and nap time for the kids before heading back to stay at the park for the rest of the day until after fireworks. Even with our walks back to the hotel the area seemed pretty safe and no one bothers the people walking back and forth to the hotels.

Location, was another perk due to the dinning options that are close by. If you want to save money and eat before heading to the park or after there is a McDonald’s, Panera Bread, IHOP and other options. This was great since we did stop for chicken nuggets on the way to the park and can be a plus if you are trying to save, have picky eaters or just crave something while at the hotel.

Amenities, we all know that seeing what hotels offer with your booking is very important. From microwaves, mini fridge, wi-fi, fitness center, pools… this is a big deciding factor. We knew we wanted a room with a microwave and mini fridge since (if you have seen my last blog post) having our own snacks and drinks was something we wanted. The rooms had these items and more and the outside welcomed all families with young visitors to enjoy their water park area. This is a great option since California offers sunshine filled days to enjoy the water park, pool and hot tub. The hotel offers a store on the 1st floor to shop for souvenirs, drinks and snacks.

The rooms, they have different layouts according to what you are looking for. We stayed in a room with bunkbeds for the kids so they both had their own bed. The room was clean and you can request cleaning if needed. The room has a modern look with minimal Disney themed décor which in my opinion keeps it less overwhelming. The Bathrooms offer bright lighting and it is spacious. They have a desk and also small table to sit and different layouts offer couches. Very comfortable room with plenty of closet space to put luggage and clothing.

If I had to choose something that I did not love it would be the parking fee, even though it was not expensive it does add up if you stay for more nights, think it is one of those unnecessary fees if you are already paying for the room.

Overall, our experience was great. It was a safe place, within walking distance to the park with great amenities and good pricing for being so close to Disneyland. We enjoyed our stay and will be back to book for future Disneyland vacations.

I hope you enjoyed this quick read, as always do your research on what works for you and your family.

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