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Deployment: Daily Blessings

We all know or at least have heard of how tough dealing with a deployment can be. As our service members tackle their own mission during their time away we hold it down at the home front taking care of every single aspect of our day to day and more.

At times it is so tough to see the specs of light shinning through the darkness a deployment can bring. As always I am here to remind you all of the little things we should never take for granted because they are huge.

I wanted to create a simple printable for you. A perfect and clean slate you can use every week to focus on the little daily blessings you might be overlooking during these trying times.

Whether it is a day out catching up with friends, a hot cup of tea and time to read a book, a call with your favorite Military Spouse friend, having time for self care, a morning run, a nap with the kids, a simple stroll around your neighborhood, a great day at work, a rainbow on your way home, a random hug from your teen... these are all perfect and simple joys we should see as blessings every day. Use the printable to write these down every day.

Focusing on the beautiful things life brings can help us cope with the uncertainty and take our minds off from constantly worrying and stressing. I know this is not all black and white, I understand many feelings come about when your loved is away and I am not here to pretend it is all rainbows and butterflies however finding moments of gratitude and happiness throughout your day can help you feel better as the days go by. Even if you focus on one tiny detail of your day by the end of the week you can look back at everything you've noted and appreciate the little moments. You can see how much of your day is actually pretty great outside of the mundane things we usually focus on.

This is something I wanted to do as it has help me as well through the days I've had my Submariner away. Hope it gives you hope and brings sunshine to your day!


Deployment daily blessings
Download PDF • 39KB

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