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Craftiness is happiness

Staying at home during these covid days has not been easy. There is only so much you can do to make your days seem a little less groundhog-ish... i'll call it that!

Our family has been staying at home as much as we can and doing essential errands to stay safe.

One of the activities that has helped my stay at home state of mind has been crafting. Crafting has always been a must for me however is crafting essential? Some might think it is not. Making a line at a crowded store with the kids to buy paint is not something I am trying to tackle.

So for the past weekends we have crafted through EAC Designs amazing craft kits. Her idea to put all materials together along with instructions to create lovely pieces truly got my attention.

For a fee, I could create without worry!

Crafting also means momma time or girl time. Get your alone time to work on a piece or get the girls together for an easy craft everyone can enjoy and actually keep as decoration.

The first craft I tackled was a wooden pineapple planter which as a crazy plant lady I needed in my life!

Everything I needed to complete the craft was in the kit along with printed instructions which were simple to follow.

For the next craft it was all about the fall vibes.

I worked on a wooden pumpkins kit.

Once again everything was included and I had a relaxing time painting and decorating the pumpkins.

Not only am I crafting but it is a fun way to spend time with family too and change things up a bit without the extra costs that come along with buying all supplies needed to include wood cutting and sanding tools.

Oh yes and let's not forget supporting a small business!

In this case a Woman owned small business!

If you are local to Oahu check out her FB page

Hope you can reach out to Emily and work on your next crafty kit!


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