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Chocolate makes everything better!

No one needs to make life harder that is why easy & delicious recipes were created, right?

Who loves chocolate?

I am chocolate's biggest that a thing? Well yes, that is me!

Anything chocolate gets my approval!

I recently tried to make chocolate truffles using a very simple recipe...and it came out too good not to share.

Check it out!


Baking tray

Wax/parchment paper

1 cup crumbled cookies (your choice). I used oreos without the filling. Crumbled them until they are fine.

4oz cream cheese (softened)

16 oz of chocolate. I used semi-sweet.


Microwable container


Mix the cookie crumbs with the softened cream cheese. Add more crumbs if needed. You want a thick creamy consistency without big chunks of crumbs.

Using a small spoon scoop the mixed items into bite size balls. Place them on wax paper on top of a baking tray. Place the tray in the refrigerator for 15 mins or so until they get a bit hardened.

Get 16oz of chocolate and place it in a container of choice to microwave. Melt chocolate for 30 seconds then move around. Keep melting for another 30 seconds then in 10 second intervals until chocolate is fully melted.

Take baking tray out of the refrigerator & dip each ball in chocolate then set on tray & add sprinkles as preferred.

Once done place the tray back in the refrigerator to cool & once hardened enjoy!

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