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Camping with kids

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We have a long weekend coming and our family is going camping with friends.

We want camping to become a tradition, something our family enjoys doing together to spend time in nature and have fun together.

With that said, having kids around should not put a stop on adventures, on the contrary it should make the adventure even more fun. It is so great for kids to grow up learning to be outdoors, getting dirty, enjoying a camp fire, loving nature...

As a kid I have many memories of my parents taking us outdoors, staying in cabins and camping on the beach. My husband loves camping and enjoys it on a more minimal style. No Glamping for him haha

We definitely want our kids to enjoy it as much as we do!

But what all do you need to take your little ones camping?

Let's say you already have the main essentials; a tent, portable grill, sleeping bags or air mattress, fire wood, lanterns... what about toddler specific items?

Do not worry, I got you! I have created a list of things you will need for your adventure. These are things that we take camping and of course these will change depending on your kids ages and their likes.

You can always add or take away as you need.


1.Potty- if your kids is potty training on not comfortable with going in public places or in the woods this is a must. Keep in mind not all camping grounds will have restrooms.

2. Kid friendly snacks. Usually when you go camping keeping food cold is not as easy for more than a couple days. Keep easy items like fruit, trail mix, food pouches for the younger kids, pretzels, granola bars, apple sauce pouches or make something that won't spoil so easily ahead of time like muffins. This is just in case they don't like camping food and also to keep them happy in between meals.

3. S'mores, Duh! This is a must while camping and bonding with your little ones over making S'mores by the fire is a must! Pack the Graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate & marshmallows.

4. Diapers. If your little one is not potty trained, do not forget diapers! You know about how many your kid goes through a day, I usually do 6 per day just in case. Pack wipes and hand sanitizer with your diapers. Pack water diapers if heading camping close to a beach, lake or river.

5. Toys. Depending on where you go camping bringing minimal toys is important. We usually pack our beach toys. If we camp by the water these are a must. However, if you are away from a beach they can still use these to collect flowers, rocks, play with dirt...

You can also pack coloring books and crayons. Anything bu

6. Sunscreen and bud spray. As adults, some of us don't think too much about ourselves but when it comes to your kids and being outdoors for a couple days these are needed.

7. Portable high chair. Now once again this depends on the age of your kid. Are they able to sit unassisted? if they are under 6 months a portable high chair or something like a Go Pod which is a portable activity center will come handy. If you do not have either or do not want to spend on these just bring a big picnic blanket to have your little one sit or roll over on and play. For toddlers and older kids I suggest investing on a camping chair or lawn chair.

8. Baby carrier! Wear all the babies! this is a plus to keep you hands-free or if your little one just wants to have you close. Baby carriers are a great way to soothe your baby.

9. Sippy cups. Remember this is according to your kids age but having a sippy cup or their own water bottle works.

10. Milk/Formula. If your kid is like ours and needs milk before bed this is something you need on your list. If you little one uses Formula pack at least one container.

11. Rain Jacket, sweater. Cooler temperatures come at night and rain sometimes is something that will surprise you. keep them dry and warm.

12. First Aid Kit.

Remember this is just a quick list, these are essentials. Add or take away as you need BUT remember....everything you pack will need to be unpacked and packed and unpacked once more.

Also this list is obviously things you might not be thinking about all the time while packing. You should already have clothing, towels, food, camping gear and the basics on your list.

Enjoy! have fun! make beautiful memories!


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