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Boo! Baskets

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Halloween is right around the corner and one of the traditions in our home is to create themed baskets for the kids with every holiday.

Themed baskets are a lot of fun to fill. I personally love looking for super cute themed items I can add to them and making them as seasonal as possible.

We usually give these baskets before the holiday that way the kids can enjoy everything in them before the actual date.

We are currently working on curating our perfectly spooky Boo! baskets so I figured I would show you some of my favorite items for this season.

Something I always want in our Boo! baskets are items that the kids will keep and use. If you know me then you know that clutter is a big no-no in our home. Choosing items that are durable, kid-friendly, themed and useful are a must however I do like to throw some edible treats in the baskets as well.

Something else I always do is reusing the same basket. Check out your local Target Bullseye's Playground (dollar spot) for cute and reusable baskets you can decorate and fill every holiday. No need to keep buying different ones. Even though I love shopping I also like to keep these kinds of things in mind.

Here are some of my favorite items for Boo! baskets:

  1. Halloween PJs-

I love all seasonal PJs so this is number one always. My favorite shops for Halloween PJs are Old Navy, Target and Carter's. Most of the time they have great deals and you can find affordable PJs.

2. Spooky stories-

Halloween books are a great addition to Boo! baskets. Find age appropriate books your kids will love. Check out places like Target, Barnes & Noble, Walmart...

Titles we love are:

-Pete the Cat: five little pumpkins by James Dean.

-The Berenstain Bears "Trick or Treat" by Stan & Jan Berenstain.

- The 12 days of Halloween by Jenna Lettice.

And of course if you have older kids all the Goosebumps classics are great for their baskets.

3. Accessories-

I love adding Halloween themed accessories. Things like headbands, bows, socks, light up items such as glowsticks, Halloween make-up, costume accessories...

These are fun for kids all ages. Get a bit spookier if you have older. Check out places like Hot Topic and Spencer's for teens and adults.

4. Drinkware-

Add a bit of homestyle fun to the baskets. Check out Target and Walmart for some fun themed drinkware. You can fill these with edible treats. For teens or adults add Halloween mugs, wine glasses or shot glasses instead.

5. Crafts & keep them entertained-

We love all crafts! You should see my craft closet haha

Adding crafts to the Boo! Baskets will come handy when you need them to enjoy some quiet time. Add things like painting kits, playdoh, coloring books, stickers... best thing is you can find plenty for $5.

Check this one out...

6. Other things we love-

Some other things we always add are themed stuffies like Slumberkins which we simple adore and add them to our themed baskets every year. They have the cutest Halloween Minis for under $20 and they are great quality.

I know Halloween is all about the sweets but I try to be intentional with the Boo! Baskets and choose items that the kids will use since they will eventually get candy while trick or treating.

I hope this article helps you get creative with your Boo! basket and you get to enjoy it as much as I do every season. It is always fun to enjoy the little things with your loved ones and have fun.

The great thing about Boo! baskets is that you can make it perfect for each person in your family according to their likes and ages. You can keep it within budget or go above it if you want.

I have an Amazon list full of perfect books, goodies and party décor to take on Halloween!

Have fun and enjoy the season!



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