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Back to School reads

Whether your child is returning to school for another year of learning and friendships or if it is their first time going to school; books can help children so much as they tackle the school year ahead. First days of school can bring along anxiety, nervousness, questions and all different feelings that can make our children feel uneasy.

Books can help them feel at ease and give them comfort on what is to come.

Here are some perfect books to take on the new school year:

  1. The Day You Begin: by Jacqueline Woodson. 5-8 years

  2. Our Class is a Family: by Shannon Olsen. 5-7 years

  3. This is a School: by John Schu. 4-8 years

  4. Lola goes to School: by Anna McQuinn. 2-5 years

  5. Butterflies on the First day of School: by Annie Silvestro. 3 and up

  6. Isabel and her colores go to School (English & Spanish editions): by Alexandra Alessandri. 5-8 years

  7. Little Yellow Bus: A Back to School Bravery Adventure: by Erin Guendelsberger. 4-7 years

  8. Preschool, Here I Come!: by D.J Steinberg. 2-4 years

  9. The World needs more purple schools: by Kristen Bell. 4-7 years

  10. I can do hard things: Mindful affirmations for kids: by Gabi Garcia. 3-7 years

Hope these help your kids feel better about going back to school. I am sure they will learn and accomplish so many wonderful things. I truly hope they have a lovely year ahead!

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