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100 ideas for your Summer Bucket List

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Summer is almost here and having kids at home during the summer can be a very hard task to keep up with.

I love bucket list ideas and figured I would make this post to share all the family-friendly things you can aim to do this summer with your whole family.

The fun part about a bucket list is that you can make it however you want. Some days can be free adventures, other days can be relaxing days at home, others can be planned with friends... you can choose whatever works for your family using the many ideas below.

Here are some of my favorites, take as many ideas as you need to make this summer a season to remember.

Let's get to it!

  1. Host a BBQ

  2. Go to a water park

  3. Watch a Sunrise

  4. Go strawberry picking

  5. Make popsicles

  6. Take a bike ride

  7. Learn to skate

  8. Take a surfing lesson

  9. Make a home made pizza

  10. Have a watermelon eating contest

  11. Go to a carnival

  12. Make 4th of July crafts

  13. Paint rocks and place them around your neighborhood

  14. Visit a museum

  15. Go to a splash pad

  16. Make Tie-dye shirts

  17. Go bowling

  18. Have a backyard campout

  19. Go on a hike

  20. Visit a local farm

  21. Have family game night

  22. Have a picnic at the park

  23. Visit a botanical garden

  24. Go to the zoo

  25. Have a car wash day

  26. Go fly a kite

  27. Beach Day

  28. Visit your local library

  29. Pool Day

  30. Set up a lemonade stand

  31. Have a water balloon fight

  32. Make a bird feeder

  33. Chalk art on the sidewalks

  34. Jump rope

  35. Do a puzzle

  36. Make a time capsule

  37. Have a tea party

  38. Try a science experiment

  39. Build a fort

  40. Play charades

  41. Play UNO

  42. Bake cupcakes

  43. Create sun catchers

  44. Go stargazing

  45. Watch a Sunset

  46. Go fishing

  47. Go camping

  48. Make and send cards to friends

  49. Cook a meal together

  50. Do a blind taste test

  51. Have a campfire and s'mores

  52. Have a bake sale

  53. Make homemade ice-cream

  54. Plant something new

  55. Do Yoga

  56. Go for a night time walk

  57. Try an escape room

  58. Have a dance party

  59. Play mini golf

  60. Have a sleepover

Should I keep going?

61. Play volleyball

62. Go on a playdate

63. Have a yard sale

64. Play with sprinklers

65. Learn a magic trick

66. de-clutter and donate toys

67. Make brownies

68. Have a watermelon eating contest

69. Host movie night

70. Offer dog-walking services

71. Go to the aquarium

72. Play hide & seek

73. Go to a baseball game

74. Play soccer

75. Go to a a movie

76. Have a water gun fight

77. Make an obstacle course

78. Have breakfast for dinner

79. Play in the rain

80. Plan a block party

81. Learn to hula hoop

82. Take a Hula dancing lesson online

83. Collect sea shells

84. Build a lego city

85. Make a scrapbook

86. Write a short story

87. Swim in the lake

88. Learn to Origami

89. Take a train ride

90. Record a family vlog

91. Try a new restaurant

92. Have fondue night

93. Go to an amusement park

94. Attend story time

95. Start a pen pal

96. Build a sandcastle

97. Go horseback riding

98. Read 10 books

99. Watch fireworks

100. Pick flowers, make a bouquet

You can use all of these or the ones that are better for your kids. I added different items for kids all ages. I hope you have a wonderful Summer and you enjoy it to the fullest.


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