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3 ways to save on your Disneyland vacation

Back in December our family took a 4-day trip to Disneyland. Planning this trip as a family of 4 took a lot of thought as far as ways to save money during our stay and at the park since to be honest tickets on their own carry a hefty price more so when paying for kids over a certain age.

Thankfully with some dedicated planning we cut back on some costs to enjoy Disneyland without the struggle of extensively pinching for pennies to see all the magic.

I have been giving this blog post some thought because the one difference we took advantage of compared to other families was being able to use Military discounts for park tickets and finding lodging that offered it as well. This can be very beneficial and I understand that not all families are part of the military lifestyle however there are other ways to save on park tickets and accommodations and I truly wanted to share all my findings with you. Now, this blog post will be specific to Disneyland because that is where we went and I wanted to cater to the location and park since I know other Disney resorts and parks have differences.

Here are 3 ways in which your family can save money on your Disneyland stay:

Find savings on tickets:

This was very important to us because as our 1st time at Disneyland paying full price for the kids not knowing how they would enjoy it and also understanding that due to their age and height, riding all attractions would not be possible. Paying full price to get half of the experience was a concern and something we kept in mind. But I know not all families are the same so here are some ways to save on tickets.

1. If you are a Southern California resident you can take advantage of limited offers such as a 3-Day, 1-Park Per Day Ticket for $73 per day. This is only during the weekdays and since it is limited time tickets expire May 2023.

2. If you are a AAA member, ask about their Disneyland ticket discounts, this is an easy way to save if you have a membership already.

3. Saving with your Costco membership can be huge plus if wanting a Disneyland resort stay as well, they offer vacation package deals you can take advantage of on your next Disneyland trip.

4. Use websites like ‘Get Away Today’ to find discounts you can use for tickets and stays. They have a lot of helpful information that can help you plan your vacation as well.

Hotel Stays:

Now that you have tickets, let’s talk hotel stay. This is important when you are going as a family since you want space and comfort. Find hotels in the area that offer different discounts on stays is always a bonus, more so when within walking distance. But saving in general when making reservations should be at the top of the list on ways to save.

1. At times Disneyland offers discounts on their own resort stays, usually the have specific dates to book for but a saving of any kind to enjoy their amenities is always worth it.

2. The Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel offers different package specials for your stay. They recently had a Flash sale of $100 per night due to Disney’s 100th Anniversary. From free breakfast, free shuttles and free parking these are some ways to save.

3. Find a hotel that offers different specials such as business account deals, group rates (if going with family and friends), senior discounts and government rates. Also, deals on early bookings and discounts for paying ahead of time.

4. Skip the booking sites if you are part of a specific hotel’s loyalty program. Booking sites do not add your rewards to your reservation. Try joining a loyalty program for a hotel you like. This will offer upcoming discounts and give you points on your stays.

5. Travel at off-peak times. Hotels need to keep their rooms filled and at times will give better deals on bookings. Keep an eye out on last minute deals.

Say yes to groceries!

I know you are on vacay and don’t want to worry about buying groceries but if you have kids this can be a great way to save money. Buy things like juice and milk boxes for the kids to have at the hotel and at the park. Get their favorite snacks to take with you because Disneyland allows coolers, drinks and food in the park! You can pack a small cooler with items to drink and eat during your day at the park (no glass containers besides baby food). This can save you money in between meals if you are choosing to purchase at the park which I know is a must because it is Disneyland. But for our family this worked great, the kids had breakfast before leaving the hotel and had snacks until lunch then again till dinner. This was perfect and saved us money.

Saving throughout our stay in different ways allowed us to spend in other things like merchandise and dinning which can make the whole experience better, more so when you get yourself a pair of ears to show off!

Hope these tips helped! Stay tuned for more!

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