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The holistic world of Vaginal Steam. 

The new trend in the womanhood lifestyle even though it is not new at all is vaginal steam.

These new businesses are opening all over the map showing women everywhere what they have been missing when it comes to the amazing pros of vaginal steam and the wonderful care it offers.

Let me continue by saying that this is my personal take on my time at Oahu's Punani Steam which is the business of Holistic healer Témar Marte and a first time experience for me.

Let me also explain that not because it is advertised at other locations it means that the holistic healers are capable, certified & are knowledgeable on all aspects of vaginal steam. Do your research and if you want take this blog post as a reference when looking to book if you are local to Oahu.

Some of the benefits of vaginal steaming include relief from PMS, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovaries, Postpartum, Vaginal Surgery, Dryness, Menopause, Irregular Cycles, Infections, Odor and emotional imbalance.

Let's begin...

It has been a while since I had thoughts of getting a vaginal steaming, I had been waiting on the right place and also right person to do this with. To me this is very important. Vaginal steaming can be very emotional depending on how you are feeling so going with someone who knows you, understands you and shares some of your beliefs can make the experience 100 times better.

I attended my first steam session with friend and certified labor & birth doula Arlea Trahan. As soon as we entered Punani Steam, Témar was super welcoming, her home was radiating with positive and tranquil vibes and right there and then I knew I had made the right decision in joining.

She started the session letting me know what was going to happen and the herbs being used for my steam which depend of a quick questionaire she will send at the time of booking to know more about your body and use the right cleansing herbs for you. This is a huge plus since not everybody is the same. Why be general, right? She had a very relaxing set up; the smell of Palo santo in the air, the golden pothos hanging everywhere, soft sounds in the background, the right lighting for the ambiance & natural treats to enjoy. (No alcohol; do not think this is a place to get tipsy with the gals, it is about cleansing...why would you drink?).

She will show you to the dresses you can wear which go according to size and will instruct you to undress and change. (You can keep your bra on if more comfortable; bottoms off).

You will then sit on this chair with an opening on it and place your legs as if you were trying to squat. The opening to the steam in between your legs. She will then hand you a cover to place on top of your lap to keep the steam from leaving.

As you start feeling comfortable the gentle steam will begin to feel relaxing. It is not a burning steam so do not feel like you will get hurt. It is just the right temperature.

The vaginal steam session is 30 minutes long but plan for 45 minutes with changing and instruction.

During the session you will be able to relax, indulge in the treats set for you, hydrate, ask questions, chat and also choose a Goddess card to read. This was one of my favorite parts. Choosing a random Goddess card from a deck, reading the card and getting to know the full meaning of the card. This part was emotional for me since the card I chose spoke into my being, it was as if it knew what my life was all about and it was exact.

You end the session leaving your seat, changing & browsing through some of her handmade goodies like wonderful mixed bathsalts & oily concoctions for your body which you can purchase there.

The whole experience was amazing and will surely return. It is recommended to go once a month for 3 months to work on a healthy flow.

If making an appointment it is a must to go before or after your period.

TMI? is more...

The vaginal steam might have some discharging effects which are completely normal.

I can say I am so happy I took on this experience and feel extremely empowered and more in love with my body and my womanhood.

For more information or if you are local to the island check out Témar Marte on Facebook

Or Instagram @punanisteam

You can also check out Arlea Trahan for all your Birth Doula needs through Best Birth Hawaii

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