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Movies to get you through deployment- part 2

Here you are again, thanks for giving this a chance!

How did part 1 go? Did you watch any from the list, do you have any favorites?

Now that you are here for part 2, I'm here to remind you that you are doing so great. You are kicking deployment in the butt and if you haven't yet you will soon notice your strengths throughout this time. Keep going!

Let's continue with...

  1. The Hunger games: there are 3 and if you have read the books or want something different to watch this are entertaining and have a great story line.

  2. Do you love scary movies? check out all the Halloween movies. There are 12! wow! Michael Myers is a keeper! If you are a scary cat like me then it's a hard pass.

3. If you want to keep watching scary movies then the Scream franchise has 4 you can watch with a new release coming in 2022.

5. Into Dinosaurs? Then watch all Jurassic Park movies to include Jurassic World movies.

6. Need a romcom? What about Legally Blonde? I always thought Elle Woods was such a fun character. There are 2 movies you can watch to break away from the action movies.

7. I love Disney movies so I could not forget to mention The Princess Diaries. With 2 fun films to watch, Anne Hathaway plays Princess Mia and of course talented Julie Andrews is part of the cast.

8. Don't forget taking a trip to NYC and seeing one of its most iconic characters: Carrie Bradshaw. If you have watched the show then the movies will not disappoint in my opinion. There are 2 Sex and The City movies, I love both of them!

9. Need a bit more action? Did you know there are 6 Mission Impossible movies? Check out Tom Cruise and the rest of the team starting from the 1996 film that introduced us to Ethan Hunt.

10. Last but not least for part 2 of this movie list, Pirates of the Caribbean. Great story line, awesome characters, lots of action and Pirate life fun. 5 amazing films to keep you going through deployment.

Remember that deployments do not get easier, whoever says that truly does not understand. Deployments however make you stronger. They show you what you are truly made of. They build you up in ways you didn't think of.

You are getting closer and closer to seeing your loved one. Stay Strong!


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