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Let it flow

As International Women's Day gets closer I wanted to finally blog about my experience with a reusable menstrual cup. I mean...what better way to empower women than talk about our bestie flo & show the world that period talks should not be taboo.

Something so normal for us women should not be put on the side to hide from the world.

Let me continue by saying that my personal decision to leave tampons behind & try a cup took quiet a bit. I had so many questions & what ifs that it started feeling a bit overwhelming. However after taking time to do my research, read reviews & talk to friends who are all for it purchasing one was a decision I wanted to act on.

There are so many wonderful pros to using a menstrual cup.

My top 5 reasons made

it a safe bet.

1. Better for your vaginal health.

(Less TSS related issues) no chemicals that might cause your body harm.

2. Less leakage and better protection.

12 hours to be exact!

3. Saves you $$$. Most cups range from $20-$40; a one time purchase.

4. Menstrual cups take in consideration all types of bodies & health related issues.

5. Eco-friendly. No need to buy disposable pads & tampons. A cup can be used for 10 years. (Depending on brands)


The brand I decided to use is Saalt. Now, cups come in different sizes according to your flow & body. Make sure you choose one according to your needs. Check your choices with the brand you would like to use.

The average period flow is 30-80 ml. Menstrual cups come in a variety of sizes, some as low as 8ml and others as high as 50ml. Talk about capacity!

Before using a cup make sure you follow the brand instructions and boil your cup in water

for 4-5 mins to sanitize using a pot. Use tongs to ensure the cup does not touch the bottom of the pot.

Ready to start? not yet! Washing your hands & cup with mild soap is a must!

Before you insert there are different folding methods to use. As mentioned earlier follow brand instructions & find a method of folding you are comfortable with. FYI this experience is all about trial & error until you feel 100% comfortable with wearing your new cup.

You will freak out! You will "phone a friend"! It happens so own it!

When ready to insert you can use water as lubricant & sit, squat or stand raising a leg to fit your cup. Slide the cup up & back at an angle until the body of the cup is completely inside. You got it!

Remember that a cup needs to be positioned lower than a tampon but feel free to set it higher if that is comfortable for you. You cup needs to pop open once in creating a suction seal against the vaginal walls; you can slowly rotate it to help it seal & prevent leaking. No parts of the cup should be folded!

You cup can stay in for multiple hours as instructed by your choice of brand. When you are ready to remove make sure you wash your hands properly then break the cup's suction seal by pinching the base of the cup (do not pull the cup's stem). Wiggle the cup while keeping it upright to avoid spilling then empty it once out. Rinse & wash your cup using mild soap then reinsert.

Sanitize between cycles.

Why am I sharing this?

Ok, Why am I writing about using a cup? Might seem TMI I know but it was truly life changing for me to use one. It was crazy to see how much better my body felt & how my period changed with it.

A 6 to 7 day cycle is now a 4 day cycle. A cramps filled day is now an enjoyable day. A day filled with leak worry is now a less stressful day.

When I used it & noticed the flow the cup held it gave me a sense of empowerment. How amazingly bold our female anatomy is & the things it is capable of!

Every month women all over the world get their periods & instead of normalizing it we shelter the subject. Using the cup gave me a stronger vibe on womanhood & I wanted to share my take on it.

After reading this, please be aware that in many places of the world period poverty is a real thing & that sharing the idea of using a menstrual cup or purchasing one from a company who gives them out to women in need is amazing on it's own. Know that using one is a step into protecting our planet, our bodies & empowering future generations of females.

Next time, Put a cup in it!

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